Mini Polytunnel


I needed exta greenhouse space but could not afford a new big polytunnel and saw this one on Ebay, its 6 mtrs x 3 mtrs and it was half price with minamal shipping from the UK, it arrived 3 days after the order was placed!


I added extra posts to make sure it does not blow away with the high winds we get here and dug over the middle before I put the plactic cover on as it was easier to throw the turfs out the sides as I wanted to use them to secure the plastic cover later.

It was nice to see all the lovely snowdrops while I worked.


Once it was all dug and prepared I just popped the top on it was as easy as that! It has lots of velcro ties to secure it to the frame and I dug in the bottom flap to the soil for extra strengh.


I am very pleased with the result, its full of my summer flower seedlings at the moment. The cover in a green mesh covered with plastic that my sister says ends up a mass of holes in a few years but you can buy replacement covers for very little money from the company so I am not worried about that.

North Coast

We took a trip to the north coast where the North Sea meets the Baltic.


William, Parnika and Alan.


It was a stormy day.



William used one of my quilts to keep warm.I always bundle a load of quilts into the car when we take a trip, you never know when you will need one.


Parnika braving the weather.


Lavender and Luffa’s

A giant bar of Lavender and Coconut Oil Soap


Peter harvested loads of lavender while it was in bloom and dried it for me so I have lots of it to add to soap to give it a bit of texture.


The soap turned out just as I hoped, you can never really tell how the dried flowers will react to the lye but I was very happy with this soap, nice and white with just enough flecks of lavender to add interest. I also added a couple of big tablespoons of Lavender Essential oil so it smells good too.

Luffa Soap!

A wanted to add a scrubbing element to a soap , something for the shower after a mucky day in the garden.


I also added lots of dried calendula, saffron and some spice to give it a bit of colour. The saffron dyed some of the luffas pink!


I sliced up a luffa, put them on the bottom od a big plastic tub and poured the soap on top. I poured too much soap in, it would have been better if I had added less so that the luffa’s really stood out, I may trim the soap and rebatch the trimming. But the luffa stood up to the lye without discolouration which was my big worry.



The full moon here in Europe on the 14th and 15th November was amazing but did you know that not only was it the biggest, closest and brightes of the year.


It was the closest supermoon since January 26th 1948!


The moon won’t come this close to the Earth again until November 25th, 2034.


Here we had a fantastic view of it and with it came some really cold and frosty nights.

Mum’s 80th birthday quilt.


This represents Mum’s Fergie tractor which she still uses to bring back logs from her woods! She keeps an old tin can on the exhaust to keep the rain out and make it easier to start.


This is her wee house, its really a bit bigger but this is the front, the IRM stands for Iain Ross Moodie, her youngest son who has bought this house and woods for her so she could retire without worry.

Two of her happy cows, Daisy and Pearl who she lovenly looked after when she ran our dairy farm when we were children.


High Hopes the ram she kept on the farm so that she knew when to send for the AI man!



The chickens she kept so she could bake us cakes and scones.


To eat with the raspberry jam she made from the raspberries she grew in the garden.


That Meesh Meesh the cat slept.


Of the endless washing she did that used to blow in the wind on her washing line on the top of the hill.


And later the pumkins she grew with her grandchildren. When we were young we grew turnips and carved them for Halloween!


Her love of owls.


And finally for her love of Scotland, her home.




While it snows in Calgary Canada

While it is snowing in Calgary and sleet in Maine here in Denmark it is a beautiful Autumn with crisp frosty mornings and bright sunny days.


I am slowley clearing up the flower border but it is difficult as there are still flowers blooming!

I came across these beautiful inkcap mushrooms while out for a walk with Poppet.


There were lots mote coming up but difficult to photograph, if they all bloom I will take more photos to show you.

And Peter has managed one last flower aranging extravaganza!


Last of the summer flowers

We have had a wonderful autumn with lots of flowers still blooming.




These are called “crazy daisy” I have never grown them so am very pleased I gave them a try as they are lovely!

Zinnia, who can resist their loud showy blooms.

Cosmos, the real star of the fall garden.

Sunflowers  blooming a second time after I cut back their first flowers.


A self sown verbena among the cosmos.

Perennial and annual sweep peas and Michaelmas daisy’s.

Some amazing fall colours!

Globe thistle and another thistle I grew from seed my son collected from Berlin botanical gardens last fall, every seed grew so I have a lot.

Last of all yellow raspberries fruiting, every morning I go out and pick a bundle for breakfast.