Peter’s Holiday in the UK.

Peter has been away on holiday for a week, leaving me to look after our cats, the house renovation and the garden on my own.  I suppose that’s fair enough after my short break in Copenhagen.  Actually, it was only half a holiday as Peter spent most of his time packing the rest of my UK studio and especially my beloved HandiQuilter frame, the HQ24.  We did our major shipment to Denmark some time ago, but luckily we decided to keep the HQ24 in the UK.  I say luckily, because somehow the shippers managed to wreck one of my Husqvarna Viking machines.  I dread to think what state the HQ24 would have arrived in.  Peter dismantled the frame with the help of my son, Alan, and they’re bringing the machine and the computer back on the ferry in the car.  I can’t wait to get it set up and get going with it.  Here’s what it looked like before dismantling – I’ll post a photo of it when it’s here in Denmark.
IMG_0529 IMG_0531
As a reward for his hard work, Peter spent a few days at the “Victory” World War 2 show in Cosby, Leicestershire.  He took two of his seven vehicles (yes, we have seven cats and seven historic vehicles) to the show and he had a great time with all his pals in the Desert Raiders Association.  They put on a great display of the Long Range Desert Group and Special Air Service in the 1940 to 1943 North African desert campaigns – it was hot and sunny and there was lots of public interest.  It was a great show and they plan to put on a much bigger display next year.
JeepPeter Display Spit and Hurricane 1Spit and Hurricane 2 Touring


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